About Come As You Are Ministries

Free Residential Addiction Treatment
For Women in New Mexico

What Is CAYA?

CAYA is a free 7-month Christ-centered residential treatment program located in Farmington, New Mexico, for women overcoming addictions.

Our residential treatment program provides 24-hour long-term care for 7 months with a 5-month transition to women who are 18 years of age or older, have come to a place of true brokenness, and are ready to surrender their lives to become new in Jesus Christ.

The focus is on helping the women spiritually learn or re-establish healthy functioning skills and values.

Our program also encourages the involvement of family in the journey. Since addiction and associated recovery are very much interconnected with family, we encourage them to visit during specified days and times while their loved one is in treatment.

100% Voluntary

This is a voluntary program. Upon entry, all residents are made aware that they are enrolled by free will and are under no obligation to stay; however choosing to leave before completion or taking actions that cause a resident to be dismissed will result in permanent termination.

Three Phases of Treatment Over 12 Months

Our program consists of three phases—  Intensive Treatment, Repair and action, and Maintenance Treatment—designed to foster valuable personal and relational habits and to help residents transition to successful and productive futures. All phases include individual and group spiritual counseling, life skills coaching, and identifying the root causes of addiction. CAYA is a 7-month program with a 5-month transition.

Phase 1: Intensive Treatment

Intensive Treatment

Months 1-3

The Intensive Treatment Phase is the initial entry phase and the first four months of the program.

This phase is highly structured and allows residents to be fully engaged in their recovery.

Residents schedules are customized to address the unique needs of each individual and tailored to address not just addiction, but the wellness of the mind, body and most important their spirit during their stay.

It is designed to emphasize personal spiritual growth through study of The Word, taking self-inventory, becoming a willing participant as well learning to become personally accountable.

Phase 2: Repair and Action

Repair / Action Phase

Months 3-5

This phase includes a more defined focus on the development and enhancement of Life Skills (including budgeting, interviewing & good work practices), the development of problem-solving skills and interpersonal skills, and the application of principles to effect personal change in thinking, attitude & actions.

This phase continues to increase the individual’s responsibility, by beginning to integrate skills learned into their life.

This phase also includes having the individual seek employment, resume writing and job application/placement services, and integrate recreational activities, while under the guidance and support of a counselor.

As they progress through treatment, individuals will be encouraged to keep practicing their new, healthy behaviors while adjusting, and to develop a healthy support network that will serve them after they leave the program.

Phase 3: Maintenance Treatment Phase

Maintenance Treatment Phase

Months 6-7

This is a critical phase and includes educational service including literacy testing, a GED program, assistance in the reinstatement of driver’s license, resolving court issues, reinstatement of fines, reestablishing visits with probation/parole, and safe housing plan.

As our residents progress through treatment, they are encouraged to keep practicing their new, healthy behaviors while adjusting, and to develop a healthy support network that will serve them after they leave the program.

Holistic Addiction Treatment Services

We believe lasting healing and recovery is a holistic process, addressing every aspect of life.

From health and wellness to therapy, emotional management, legal services, and job training.

Below is a list of free services that we offer the women at CAYA.

Click on each title to learn more.

Group Therapy

Twice a month group therapy with a certified addiction counselor or licensed clinical social worker.

Spiritual Direction

Get to the root of your addictions with individual sessions for 60 min.

Case Management Services
We work in tandem with your case manager to help you meet any requirements for your treatment plan. That includes weekly progress reports, drug screens, facilitate and supervise children and family visits, and write letters and progress reports for court cases.
GED Certification
We support you while you accomplish your GED through the WorkForce center in Steamboat. Financially covered by CAYA.
Nutrition + Cooking Classes

We believe that making healthy choices begins with nourishing your body. Throughout the womens time with us, nutritionist will come to the CAYA house to help with meal planning and addressing dietary needs (gluten-free, fibromyalgia, dairy-free, etc).

Each resident is in charge of one meal a week to cook for the CAYA house residents. They will learn grocery shopping budget management and how to prepare and plan delicious food so they can create nutritious meals on their own post-graduation.

Exercise Classes

Outer health begets inner health which is why we believe in the power of regular body movement and exercise.

A fitness instructor comes to the CAYA house for weekly classes. We also have weekly outdoor adventures where we participate in Iocal hikes, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, etc.

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Daily Group Sessions

Each week our ladies are in bible studies with our many different teachers. Each teacher focuses on different topics ranging from mindset, mental blocks, writing and sharing testimonies and life stories, exploring identity as daughters of Christ, and more.

Education Services

The Franklin Covey Workshop teaches the women how to employ healthy and effective habits that support life-long growth and productivity. 

The workshop helps the women establish foundational principals that allow them to continue free from addiction and as influential members of the community. 

The women will be able to gain life skills, business training, and leadership development by studying the following topics: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Leading at the Speed of Trust, The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity, and Introduction to Financial Peace University. 

They will graduate with four certificates identifying they have completed the course, bolstering their confidence and their resumes.  An expert instructor will visit CAYA to teach a portion of each topic, and they will participate in an online community. 

Job Training

We’re with you every step of the way as you set for success after graduation. We’ll help prepare your resume, job applications, provide interview training, and how to dress for interviews. We also help with job placement.

Legal Assistance

Any requirements you must complete we will help you with – anything from community service fulfillment, drug screens, progress reports, etc.

Marriage and Family Counseling

Heal wounds, re-establish connection, re-work communication patterns, and more through personal marriage and family counseling services.


Leilani Brook’s Testimony

My name is Leilani Gregg, and I’ve been set free from a 14-year drug and alcohol addiction.

I spent one-half of my life in active addiction, which culminated in my incarceration and loss of my two-year-old son. Today, by God’s grace and relentless love, I have been clean and sober for over 6 years.


The CAYA Team


Executive Director

My name is Leilani Gregg, and I’ve been set free from a 14-year drug and alcohol addiction. I spent one-half of my life in active addiction, which culminated in my incarceration and loss of my two-year-old son. Today, by God's grace and relentless love, I have been clean and sober for over 6 years.

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My destructive way of life came to an end in early 2016 when I was accepted into a Faith-Based Treatment program. After graduating from this 12-month life-changing program I knew the path the Lord wanted me to take.

I began the process of building a recovery program for women by working with the local church leaders, women’s groups, jail administrators, judges and anyone else who wanted to be a part of His vision!

Come As You Are is my answer to prayer to help suffering women, just like I was, to overcome and realize that Jesus is the ultimate physician.

Today, I am a thriving member of society, real estate broker, multi-business owner and committed Mom to a very happy little boy.

Darin Gregg

co-founder & Director

Bio coming soon!


Life Coach

I began coaching with an intense longing to help others awaken freedom and joy in their lives, through whole wellness. I have been blessed to work with hundreds of clients across many platforms and demographics, over the past twelve years

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cherish each story into which I’ve been invited, but the women of CAYA remain to be my most celebrated clients. Partnering with the Spirit and walking with them through their healing, watching them courageously embrace freedom and new life, is an honor like no other.

In my work with residents, I partner with the Spirit to shepherd clients into the hidden places where their addiction began - where their original wounds are still festering. Together we bring the wounds into His light. When brought into the light, residents are able to see what drove them to addiction were actually broken pieces of their identity that ached for the wholeness and the unconditional love for which they were made. After identifying their original wounds and honoring the ashes of life lost in addiction, I equip them to overcome; to create sustainable habits that empower them to remain in their new identity and in recovery; help them rebuild their confidence and self-worth on His firm foundation; and ultimately call them up into a life surrendered to His grace, living as royal daughters under His banner, “it is finished.” My desire is that they fall back in love with the Lord and His radical character, through our shared time together. And that through discovering His character, they experience His freedom, peace and rest, so that they may go back into the world fully equipped and overflowing with Him.

I don’t have all the answers - at all. I simply have my testimony thus far, His perspective of grace and radical moments of powerful redemption to encourage and equip my clients. It is by grace alone that I stand in my identity today. And it is my heart’s passion to help each client trust His grace in their own life, so that they too may rise from their ashes into the beauty of their Heavenly identity, so they may run the race of their anointing.


We are blessed to work with courageous and strong women every day. Here are some of their stories.

Meet Carly

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