12-Month Free Residential Treatment Program for Women Overcoming Addictions

Our Mission

Come As You Are (CAYA) is a free 12-month (7-month intensive and 5-month transition) residential treatment home for women that equips them to overcome addictions and discover new lives.

The women experience a healthy community, build their work ethic and skill sets, receive the resources needed to gain freedom from their pasts and learn to serve others in need.

CAYA residents participate in recovery groups, counseling, and life coaching to facilitate change at a heart level.  In addition, they build valuable life skills by supporting themselves through residential cleaning work, managing their legal and personal appointments, having supervised visits with their children, practicing food budgeting and inventory, and practicing executive functioning skills.

Free Addiction Treatment

CAYA offers free addiction treatment because we believe that your freedom shouldn’t have to cost you your life savings. We have generous partnerships with churches and private donors who make this opportunity possible. Learn more about our funding here.

12-Months | 3 Phases

Our residential treatment program provides 24-hour long-term care for seven months with a five-month transition phase to women who are 18 years of age or older, have come to a place of true brokenness, and are ready to surrender their lives to become new in Jesus Christ.


Our mission is to provide a safe Christ-centered community where you can Come As You Are and experience Abundant Living through the renewing love of Jesus and the regeneration by the Holy Spirit.

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The CAYA Team


Executive Director

My name is Leilani Gregg, and I’ve been set free from a 14-year drug and alcohol addiction. I spent one-half of my life in active addiction, which culminated in my incarceration and loss of my two-year-old son. Today, by God's grace and relentless love, I have been clean and sober for over 6 years.

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My destructive way of life came to an end in early 2016 when I was accepted into a Faith-Based Treatment program. After graduating from this 12-month life-changing program I knew the path the Lord wanted me to take.

I began the process of building a recovery program for women by working with the local church leaders, women’s groups, jail administrators, judges and anyone else who wanted to be a part of His vision!

Come As You Are is my answer to prayer to help suffering women, just like I was, to overcome and realize that Jesus is the ultimate physician.

Today, I am a thriving member of society, real estate broker, multi-business owner and committed Mom to a very happy little boy.

Darin Gregg

co-founder & Director

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Life Coach

I began coaching with an intense longing to help others awaken freedom and joy in their lives, through whole wellness. I have been blessed to work with hundreds of clients across many platforms and demographics, over the past twelve years

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cherish each story into which I’ve been invited, but the women of CAYA remain to be my most celebrated clients. Partnering with the Spirit and walking with them through their healing, watching them courageously embrace freedom and new life, is an honor like no other.

In my work with residents, I partner with the Spirit to shepherd clients into the hidden places where their addiction began - where their original wounds are still festering. Together we bring the wounds into His light. When brought into the light, residents are able to see what drove them to addiction were actually broken pieces of their identity that ached for the wholeness and the unconditional love for which they were made. After identifying their original wounds and honoring the ashes of life lost in addiction, I equip them to overcome; to create sustainable habits that empower them to remain in their new identity and in recovery; help them rebuild their confidence and self-worth on His firm foundation; and ultimately call them up into a life surrendered to His grace, living as royal daughters under His banner, “it is finished.” My desire is that they fall back in love with the Lord and His radical character, through our shared time together. And that through discovering His character, they experience His freedom, peace and rest, so that they may go back into the world fully equipped and overflowing with Him.

I don’t have all the answers - at all. I simply have my testimony thus far, His perspective of grace and radical moments of powerful redemption to encourage and equip my clients. It is by grace alone that I stand in my identity today. And it is my heart’s passion to help each client trust His grace in their own life, so that they too may rise from their ashes into the beauty of their Heavenly identity, so they may run the race of their anointing.

Our Funding

Church Partnership

Come As You Are Ministry is here to help build the Church and not take from it. Because the ministry will be located and partnered with the church, it will be our intent to grow the church and grow the impact that the local church(s) will have in our community. There is so much opportunity to reach the broken and see lives being saved by the grace of God.

In addition, we will also be funded by private donors, churches, and quarterly fundraisers. We are very thankful for the spiritual support and the openness of the church for this program to be a part of it.

Ministry Growth

We currently can hold 9-11 residents in our current location. As God builds, we will expand our facility and program.

We seek not only to see women’s lives changed but also to contribute to the betterment of our communities.